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Freelance Creative Director. Art Director. Project Manager. Hamburg.


Anna-Lena Krüger

This is the first impression to describe my extensive experience and successful track record as a Freelance Creative Director within the marketing and communication sectors. I possess the skills, qualifications and vital experience necessary to make a very significant contribution to your operation.

I am a self-motivated individual with an adaptable professional outlook which is instrumental in the development of a wide variety of highly valuable skills and abilities. I am able to collaborate effectively with a diverse range of clients, determining their requirements in order to accurately design and implement highly effective communication strategies. My creative artistic flair allows me to develop ideas into actual lucrative strategies which have been instrumental in transforming company brands and designing company websites. I excel in project management strategies, applying my skills in leadership to ensure results meet and exceed the wildest expectations of clients.

I thrive in challenging and stressful environments and apply myself fully to all assigned duties and responsibilities. I possess considerable expertise in interacting with clients and colleagues, constantly developing highly beneficial professional relationships through the application of an outstanding work ethic. Further details of my expertise can be found within my CV.

I endeavour to provide results of the highest quality in each task I am assigned. In order to meet this demanding objective, I have sought to further my professional development at every given opportunity. I firmly trust that my extensive selection of skills and abilities would allow me to contribute to the continuously improving performance of your company.

  • Communication 100%
  • Client Service 100%
  • Web Design 100%
  • Creative 100%
  • Start-up 100%
  • Innovative 100%
  • Project Management 100%
  • Marketing 100%
  • Brand Development 100%
  • Design Process Management 100%
  • Online / Offline 100%
  • Artistic Flair 100%
  • Strategy Design 100%
  • Detail-Orientated 100%


2012 - Present | AD - CD | Freelance Creative Director

  • Performing to an exceptional standard in this position, providing tailored and effective communication strategies for companies located in Spain, Germany and Switzerland
  • Utilising skills in communication to develop extensive relationships with clients, accurately identifying their needs and devising communication strategies based on this information
  • Responsible for the design of the professional image of the company, applying commercial acumen and expertise in creative artistic design to ensure the provision of excellent services for clients
  • Providing comprehensive levels of support to clients, responding to and resolving various issues
  • Significantly developing abilities in project management, applying skills in leadership and resource management to realise innovative communication concepts and ideas

2011 - 2012 | CEO - Head of Marketing | INDIGO Pix GmbH

  • Gaining skills in the establishment and operation of a successful start-up company operating within the competitive sector of web designs
  • Accurately determining client requirements, creating and implementing a website design based on numerous relevant variables such as target market and consumer behaviour patterns
  • Effectively developing the brand of companies, utilising innovative
    creative abilities to position a company within the online market


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